Jannuary 2017: BETA3 release of Track@Way 3.0 for Android is ready for downloads! It supports Android from Lollypop (5.0) up. 


Track@Way is a free application for mobile phones which lets you track your way using the embedded GPS in your mobile phone (or, where supported by the phone, an external GPS antenna). Track@Way comes in two editions: the "free" has some limitations (mainly in the maximum number of maps that you can load), and the "supporter" which is not limited. Please use the free edition as long as you like, but if you think Track@Way can be useful for you, consider donating for the Supporter edition, it will keep Track@Way alive.

The Supporter edition, also, let's you receive unlimited free upgrades for all the supported platforms. Note that if you purchase the Supporter edition trough a store (like Nokia Store), then you need to contact me directly (my email can be found inside Track@Way itself, or you can send me a PM trough the forums) and send me your email address for this to happen.

So, what does Track@Way do?

It's a GPS tracking application for outdoor activity. Whether you like to hike, cycle, paraglide or whatever, including georeferencing the photos of your travels, Track@Way is what you are looking for. It does not tell you where you must go, it tell you where you have been. This si very important when you hike in the wild or when you cycle trough a forest, or when you explore a foreign city and you want to know where you took the pictures!

Suppose, for example, that you go out for trekking in the mountains: Track@Way in its most basic usage can record where you have been so that you can review later your path, project it on a map (check gpsvisualizer.com for a free converter tool for Google Maps and Google Earth) or even reuse it as a guide for your next trekking in the same area!

If you have some more time to set up Track@Way, you can add a map to it (check the map section of the forums for some maps aready available, or just use the maps that you already own) and check your position on the map in real time. This means, never lost again even if that annoying thick fog covers everything... And, also, it means that you will immediately spot that wrong turn on the road, where you accidentally left the correct way...

Track@Way support raster maps. This means that you need to scan your own paper maps, purchase raster maps online, or use the built-in functionality to download tiles from online map sources (es: OpenStreetMap). If you are looking for maps and you don't know where to look, please check the Map Calibration page to get some ideas.

Track@Way uses your phone internal GPS receiver or an external Bluetooth GPS antenna (only if supported by your phone), to find your position. It can use A-GPS or simple GPS devices, it can also use network-based localization if it is available on your mobile.

Track@Way has been developed initially for Symbian (both S^3 and S60v5), then evolved to support also Maemo5 (Nokia N900) and MeeGo (Nokia N9 and N950). Thanks to the Necessitas project and to BogDan Vatra, it does also support Android, albeit it's not perfect and some issues do remain, but it's perfectly usable as i am using it on my Samsung device. A new version of Track@Way, version 3, is in the works. It aims to overcome the death of Nokia-as-we-know-it and evolve from Qt to a more multi-platform approach (yes it seems silly, but that is). It will take some time, at the end it shall support Jolla and Android, and maybe also Windows Phone, who knows?

Track@Way is also integrated with GoBreadcrumbs which is a great free service for uploading and managing your tracks! (note: there is no official affiliation between FreeTrack and GoBreadcrumbs)

Track@Way is developed by Willy Gardiol (me), a single independent developer.

The source code has been available for some time, but due to lack of general interest and even some abuse i have restricted source code access. Anyway, please contact me directly if you are interested in obtaining the source code i will be happy do help you.