Once upon a time, in the far far away age of 2009, a time when Nokia still was raging about Symbian, the iPhone was still growing and Android was little more than a toy, i purchased my first smartphone (ok, really, that was my second one, the first being a Sony-Ericsson P800 in 2004) and got impressed by the built-in GPS.

I am an outdoor person, i like to hike in the mountain and travel a lot, and i tought it coule be very useful to use my Nokia 5800XM as a GPS tracking device. After a brief looking around i quickly come to the conclusion no modern application existed to suit my needs. Ok, some did exist, but mostly older style and fairly clumsy to use... i even purchased one and used it until i rolled my own.

My requirements where quite simply the following:

  • Being able to track my wanderings
  • Being able to display those tracks and follow them again
  • Being able to load raster footpath maps and see them on the screen
  • Being able to see where i was on the map

From this limited set of requirements, i started developing a Qt-based application for the (at the time) new born Qt Symbian environment, which i called FreeTrack. FreeTrack quickly become the grandfather of the today's Track@Way.

FreeTrack is a fairly simple application. I did not know much at the time about mapping, projections, cartography and all the works. It took me quite a while to figure out that mess! But FreeTrack can get the job done and also quite effectively so, so much actually that it did even won the Nokia second place at the Nokia Calling All Innovators challenge in 2011! Yes i got two brand new Nokia X7's phones for free!

About one year after i started FreeTrack, it's intrinsic limitations began showing up. My knowledge of the cartography stuff improved and so my familiarity with Qt and the Symbian mobile environment. It was time to improve seriously, so i started working on Track@Way, which soon become a much improved and 95% rewritten version of FreeTrack. The name change also shows how much road has been traveled since the early days!

Track@Way has then evolved a lot... The current version 2 is even greather, it has a full tracks and maps support, can use online mapping services like OpenStreetMap, and can synchronize to online services like GoBreadcrumbs. Version 2 today supports Symbian (S60v5, S^3, Anna, Belle), MeeGo and Maemo and there is a version for Android which is not ideal, but works quite well (aside a few known bugs).

Today i am working on Track@Way 3, which will be a major rewrtie. Mainly because i need to move away from the Nokia Qt world in order to support other platforms. Mainly, Android, but also Windows Phone and Jolla. Track@Way 3 is still a long way from being anything usable at the moment, but within 2014 i hope to bring it to a usable level.

So please enjoy Track@Way, try it, keep in touch with me for any news and report issues and ideas to me! Even if it might seems development reached a halt at the moment, it's not so and Track@Way will keep living a long life, just be patient until version 3 is out... I will keep supporting version 2.