Track@Way Supports also Android!


Track@Way is released also for Android.

note! Android up to version 4.4.3 must use the "older" Track@Way 2.1.5 release, which make uses of the Ministro service (it will be installed from Google Play automatically if you don't have it).

note! Android starting from 5.0+ must use the "new" Track@Way BETA 2.9.9 release, which has many fewer working features at this moment, but which is actively developed and will shortly become much better!

Please do mind the following notes (version 2.9.9)

  1. The port is based on the Qt 5.7.0, which are included, and this is why the APK is about 12mb in size
  2. Only Android 5.0 (Lollypop) and newer are supported. This should not be an issue nowadays.
  3. This is experimental, but working. What ismissing of course does not work, the rest of the features... they seems to be working.

Please do mind the following notes (version 2.1.5)

  1. The port is based on Necessitas, the great port of Qt to Android by BogDan Vatra and the other great guys.
  2. Necessitas is still experimental. It is quite stable, but some things do not work properly (compass calibration, some text input)
  3. Only Android 2.2 (Froyo) and newer are supported. This should not be an issue nowadays.
  4. The compass is now supported, but no calibration is possible.
  5. Satellites map is not visible. This is a limit in the current QtMobility implementation for Android.
  6. You need to download some 30mb of libraries. This is done automatically upon first start of the program. Make sure you have some WiFi or flat 3g connection.

Track@Way for Android is not yet released on Google Play because i don't feel it's ready for the masses, but i do use it regularly on my SGSII and it works pretty good.

Please try and report your feedback on the support forums!

You can download the Supporter version from this website for free.