Since Qt on Android is still experimental, this procedure is a bit complex. I will try to guide you trough it step by step, so sit tight and follow me. Feel free to ask for help on the support forums.



(1) Install Ministro II and Ministro Configuration Tool

  • Open up Google Play on you phone,
  • Search and install the Ministro II service by BogDan Vatra,
  • Search and install the Ministro Configuration Tool by BogDan Vatra,
  • Open the Ministro Configuration Tool and change the default repository to unstable.

(2) Installing Track@Way 2.0 BETA

  • First of all, enable untrusted sources in yor Android phone (under settings -> applications),
  • Download the apk package from here,
  • Copy the apk on your phone (or directly download from your phone),
  • Install the downloaded package!

Upon first start Track@Way will download approximately 29mb of shared libraries from internet using the Ministro service... It is recomended to be under WiFi coverage unless you have a 3G data plan. After this first download, you will be able to use Track@Way!

(3) Known limitation

  • The satellites list and map is blank,
  • The compass module does not work at the moment even on phones with hardware compass.

Feel free to ask for help on the support forums

Have fun!

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