DOWNLOADS: due to restrictions from Nokia Store i had to remove downloads for the stable releases on these pages. You can still find the "development" releases here (in the Symbian and Maemo/MeeGo areas) but for the "free" official releases you must go to the support forums!

Track@Way works great on Symbian phones! Both Symbian^3 and Symbian^1 (S60v5) are supported!

Please note, due to lack of Qt touch support, older S60v3 Nokia phones are NOT supported!

If you dont want to download and use the OVI store release, please follow these instruction.

First of all, if you have the OVI release installed, please uninstall it first, you cannot install both. It is ok to have one Supporter and one Free edition installed at the same time, tough, even if one if from OVI store.

Track@Way uses the Qt Framework, the QtMobility libraries and the QtWebKit. You must install them all before installing Track@Way.

Note: Symbian Belle does not need to install these libraries, they are already available in your phone!


Note: if you are upgrading from an older version you most probably dont need to install these libraries.

  1. Install Qt 4.7.3: If you do not have Qt already installed, please download & install the Qt-4.7.3 package from the downloads page (here for S60v5) (here for Symbian^3)
  2. Install QtMobility 1.1.3: If you do not have Qt Mobility already installed please download the QtMobility-1.1.3 package from the downloads page, (here for S60v5) (here for Symbian^3)
  3. Install QtWebKit If you do not have QtWebKit already installed please download the corresponding package from the downloads page, (here for S60v5) (here for Symbian^3)

Now, its time to install Track@Way:

  1. Install Track@Way: download and install the latest release from the Symbian downloads page on the left.


(note: your phone might already ships with Qt preinstalled, just update them or skip)

NOTE: Track@Way will use e:\FreeTrack or c:\FreeTrack (if you do not have a memory card) by default. This is not a typo, its for compatibility with Free Track.

PLEASE NOTE (Nokia 5230): if you have a Nokia 5230, you should install a new phone "theme" because the stock one is broken. This is an issue with Qt and Nokia 5230. You should install this theme to use Track@Way.


Specific instructions for Samsung OmniaHD

NOTE: Track@Way has never been tested on OmniaHD. If you have success, please report it on the forums.

Since Samsung has officially abandoned support for the OmniaHD handset, there is no official support for Qtlibraries on the stock OmniaHD.

If you are an OmniaHD owner and you plan to keep using this great phone, you absolutely need to upgrade to a custom firmware. With such custom firmwares, Track@Way and the Qt libraries will be supported.

There are some feedback wiith the following firmware: Faenil firmware n2o4. Since there is no more official support from the manufacturer, you can ask for support either on the above link of on the Track@Way support forums. Bear in mind that on the the Track@Way forums there is no OmniaHD expert, for phone specific questions you are much better off on the first link.

Installation instructions

  1. Install Qt by Faenil: If you do not have Qt already installed, please download & install the Qt-4.6.3 package from here.
  2. Install Track@Way: download and install the latest Track@Way release from the downloads page, here. (note: since there is no official Track@Way release yet, please refer to the latest FreeTrack release)

Note: i cannot support you in upgrading your firmware or installing the Qt libraries on OmniaHD, but you will find plenty of support in the above forum or other forums dedicated to this handset. Anyway, since Samsung has dropped support for your phone, you should not be worried about warranty and such things.


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