28 Surprising Tips to Master ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’

Once you have your Amiibo card, you can visit the NookStop, select Invite a Camper, and follow the on-screen instructions.

23. How to Acquire Coveted Items

Maybe you really want to finish that Cute furniture set, or you’re struggling to grow the right hybrid flowers. Enter Nookazon, a massive DIY Amazon-style marketplace dedicated to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Run mainly through Discord, the site is full of users selling everything from fashion items to furniture. Exchange Bells for the goods you just have to have. Be ready to haggle and read through the rules to ensure that your trades are safe. Check out this guide to getting started for more.

24. How to Capture Photos and Videos

You might already know that pressing the square button on the left Joy-Con will take a screenshot, but you can use the NookPhone Camera app to take some stylized shots. Traveling to Harvey’s island via your airport also provides a great environment for staging photos. Additionally, if you’re filming a TikTok or want to capture footage of you finally catching that elusive scorpion, you can long-press the square button to save a file of the last 30 seconds of gameplay.

Photos and videos are saved in your Nintendo Albums. There’s no elegant solution for saving the photos, but you can link your Twitter and Facebook accounts to post them directly from the console. I edited my Facebook privacy settings to ensure that Nintendo Switch Share photos are only visible to me, so I can save them to my computer after sharing. The Albums software lets you share up to four photos at once if you opt to “Post Batch.”

25. Avoid Getting Scammed by Redd

An update brought the nefarious trickster Jolly Redd to ACNH. He’ll show up occasionally on his boat, parked at the private beach on the very back of your island, and he’s got both art and furniture up for grabs. Be wary, though. During each visit, you’ll only be able to buy one of the available pieces of art, and all of them but one are fakes. Blathers won’t accept counterfeit paintings, so you need to be careful before committing to buy.

When you’re in Redd’s boat and checking out a piece of art, be sure to tell him that you want a closer look. This will shine a spotlight on the piece in question. You’ll be able to zoom in to check out the details. Sometimes they’re easy to spot—like a scowling Mona Lisa—but other times, you’ll need to look closely to spot any forgery details. To save time and Bells, I use this guide to tell whether or not a piece of art is genuine.

26. Customize Your Nintendo Switch

This isn’t a gameplay tip, but if you can’t nab the limited-edition Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nintendo Switch Console, you’re in luck. Popular custom skin manufacturer Dbrand has nearly identical skins available that’ll make your Switch console look like the real deal. A move Jolly Redd would be proud of, indeed.

For other ways to trick out your console, you can turn to Amazon for Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch accessories. I’m a fan of this adorable outdoor pattern skin, and these custom thumbgrips are another nice option. You don’t need to drop several hundred dollars on a new console to show off your love for the island life.

27. How to Dive for Sea Creatures

A recent update allows your character to dive deep for sea creatures, including elusive scallops that you can then trade to Pascal for mermaid-themed DIY recipes and pearls (a necessary component of those recipes). To dive, you’ll need a wet suit. You can get one from the general store or from the Nook Shopping ABD option. You can use your tools while wearing a wet suit, so feel free to put it on over your outfit.

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