Dos Equis’ new brand direction offers a dose of post-pandemic optimism

Dos Equis today introduces a modern look and brand direction, beginning with a campaign that speaks to getting the most out of life as pandemic restrictions ease and plays with how the Spanish word “dos” sounds like the English word “dose.”

The Heineken-owned brew’s new brand platform is designed to refresh the beer’s identity and orient it around the attitude of always striving for better, according to details shared with Marketing Dive. The “A Dos of XX” campaign and new tagline, “Get a Dos,” represent the next step in the brand’s evolution, which is known for introducing the debonair ad character, the Most Interesting Man in the World, in 2006.

As part of the effort, a new product line arrives just before Cinco de Mayo along with a social media sweepstakes to dish out gift cards intended to finance people’s celebrations. The giveaway is a small gesture to denote how different this year’s Cinco de Mayo is shaping up to be compared with 2020’s holiday.

“Where last year we maybe didn’t get to celebrate as much, this year we can, but we might not be that practiced in it. So we are giving people a helping hand [in] getting back to the fiesta,” said Cam Levin, chief creative officer at agency Sid Lee.

A dose of positivity

A series of videos anchor the launch of the “A Dos of XX” campaign, rolling out on TV and digital video channels today with the release of “Pregame.” The 30-second spot depicts people preparing for their first nights out post-pandemic — including makeup blunders and forgotten wallets to mistakenly wearing slippers to meet a friend. Closing with the line “A Dos of Comeback,” the clip portrays the stumbles that may occur as real consumers return to social activities post-pandemic.

Two additional videos will premiere in the coming weeks, touching on relatable moments like vacations and breakups and weaving back to the new tagline “Get a Dos.”

“By playing on the double entendre of the word a ‘dos,’ we inject everyday moments with positivity in our timely campaign,” Levin said.

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The campaign extends across social media, digital, retail and out-of-home advertising beginning April 29. It will also bridge with efforts around college football in the fall. Together, the marketing efforts signify a modernized approach for Dos Equis — one that focuses on reconnecting with consumers through cultural relevancy and optimism, according to the brand’s Senior Director Ligia Patrocinio.

“The idea is so simple, but not simplistic,” she said. “Let’s embrace what life brings to us. That idea summarized everything the brand is.”

Basing the crux of the campaign around broad themes like embracing life gives Dos Equis flexibility in developing fresh marketing messages down the road, helping it to respond quickly to changing events in the world.

“It’s a platform that can carry a lot of campaigns, activations, experiential if we need to go there,” Levin said. “We can craft around those moments in time.”

A cohesive look

Today’s news arrives the same day Heineken releases its quarterly earnings, posting stable beer sales volume across the parent company’s portfolio and modest growth in the Americas compared to 2020’s first quarter. It also follows an August announcement surrounding a packaging redesign to streamline Dos Equis’ bottles and cans and highlight the brand’s Mexican heritage. In November 2020, the beverage maker launched a canned beer infused with lime and salt. A variety pack of Dos Equis Lime & Salt and three additional flavors was announced earlier in April, all featuring packaging designs that coincide with the flagship brew.

“They have some touches of the core brand, but they also have their own flair,” Patrocinio said. “They look like cousins, not twins.”

Dos Equis’ new brand platform lays the path for marketing activations throughout 2021 and beyond. College football season drives a significant volume of sales in the fourth quarter, Patrocinio said. Dos Equis is the official beer sponsor of the College Football Playoff and will partner with 14 universities this fall to host locally relevant activations. Details regarding the brand’s plans will be announced in May, according to Patrocinio.

“College football is a real energizer for Dos Equis,” Levin said. “Again, the campaign is culturally aware. Again, it’s about what’s happening this year that’s different to other years, and that’s where it draws its power from.”

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