It Shouldn’t Be This Hard to Get a PlayStation 5

AH: Very obvious reasons.

MC: And what about you, Jeff?

JVC: I’m actually happy to report a friend who I believe went through standard channels in another state, managed to get one just a couple days ago. At the same time I failed to get one. So I should be getting one this weekend, which is exciting. I don’t know if I even want it anymore. It was more fun when I was searching.

SM: I feel you actually, I feel like it was more fun to be part of the game. This became the IRL game of 2021. Now that I’ve got it locked in, I’m almost like a little bit, I don’t know, disappointed. I don’t know if that’s the right word.

MC: Is there strong replay value on this game?

AH: Absolutely not.

JVC: Yeah. I mean the good news is it should last for seven years.

LG: Right, great. I feel like if you are one of those people who came to the system, and managed to get a PS5 or multiple PS5, as is the case with Saira’s friend, that you should now be obligated to put the same effort into getting your elderly or vulnerable neighbor a vaccine shot. You just have to focus. You’re like, OK, I have the 20 PS5’s stacked up here that I’m selling at a markup. I need to now put some good into the world.

AH: I honestly thought you were about to say, you should put that effort into getting your elderly neighbors a PS5.

LG: I would say that the vaccine is slightly more important than the PS5.

JVC: I would say your skills, the skills I’ve learned in trying to get a PS5 and it’s mostly failing myself, but getting vaccine, at least here in Oklahoma, has been a remarkably similar process, at least in the early stages. Go to a site, wait for a drop, try and schedule an appointment. It’s all the same these days.

SM: But the question is, are their alerts that you can set up to be notified when a vaccine drop is about to happen. I feel like the answer to this is no.

LG: And whose grandma has set up the bot? That’s what I want to know.

MC: Got to get in those vaccine discords.

AH: Yes, absolutely.

MC: All right. Well, thank you, all three of you for joining us this week. Let’s take a quick break and when we come back, we’ll do our recommendations.


MC: All right. So now is the portion of the show where we each tell our listeners about a thing that we like, that we think that they would like too. Saira, let’s start with you. What is your recommendation?

SM: OK. So my recommendation this week is a little bit off the wall. I tried something yesterday for the first time that I’ve never done before, and to say it was an experience is an understatement. Obviously given safety guidelines right now, that’s most important, but I did cryotherapy yesterday, in which you stand in this, I don’t know, box tube thing. This is one of the ones where your head is outside of said box tube thing, but it sprays you with hydrogen. I actually don’t remember the specifics of how this works, but it basically cools down your body temperature, like ridiculously, like it can get down to minus 150 degrees, I believe, when I was reading the thing, but you’re in there for three minutes and it’s supposed to have all of these various health benefits, but even just as an experience, it was very interesting, and I would recommend it just purely for the experience.

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