Tips On How To Select The Very Best Advertising Methods

Marketing Tips

Organizing your advertising plan could be a daunting task. You listen to rumors that a particular marketing technique is certainly a “must” for your type of business, yet you wonder: Will it really bring the desired results before I run out of cash and patience?

Know Your Target Audience

Some audiences will not purchase directly from a business without first getting to know them (brand awareness, relationship building). If your audience buys this way, then use one marketing tactic for brand awareness (such as public speaking, or free webinars), another for lead generation ( such as a free offer ), and the third technique for direct sales ( like an email marketing or phone sales).

Where is Your Audience in the Buying Cycle?

If your potential client is in the first phases of the buying cycle ( maybe he’s only coming to the realization he has discovered a challenge he really wants to eliminate ), then he could be searching for more information about how exactly others have solved the same problem. The advertising methods you work with to get in front of him ( article content, blogging site post, educational videos ) are intended for assisting him to figure out his issue, and NOT towards asking him to grab his credit card at that moment.

If your potential client is in the decision-making phase of the buying cycle, then using advertising techniques that show him how your solution works, and building a relationship of trust and respect with him, will lead you to use nurturing methods like free webinars, phone calls, and personal emails.

Marketing Goods Versus Marketing Services

If you are selling products, then you need to have a different mix of marketing techniques compared to when you’re selling services. People purchase services ( such as consulting, classes and plumbing repairs ) differently than they purchase merchandise. Therefore, you will need a unique advertising system to arrange for selling your solutions and a totally different advertising plan for offering merchandise, even though you may be advertising to the same market.

Further Points to consider

Several advertising approaches seem to be free of charge (like networking) when in most cases they require a large amount of your energy — time you will be spending even more productively somewhere else in your advertising or business.

There is Absolutely No One Size Fits All

There is absolutely no sole advertising strategy that will ensure your success. There are certainly best techniques and practices which have worked for others in similar businesses, but I’ve never seen a predicament in which a company only needs one marketing technique to fulfill their entire marketing/sales requirements. Start with 4 or 5 marketing techniques, perfect them, and then add new ones as needed.

Within each key category of marketing techniques, like social media marketing, there is an abundance of specific methods to choose from. By knowing your target audience, your time and money budgets, and your goals — and screening your results — you’ll eventually select the most effective techniques that you can use over and over again.

Select your marketing techniques based on the above criteria, and then track the results to see which ones work best for you… and your target audience.