What gets you through market challenges? Your brand.

In an uncertain market, the strength of your brand can be what makes or breaks your business. Amid today’s economic upheaval, consumers prioritize their purchases, buying less and saving more. Many are changing their shopping habits in fundamental ways, and trends in consumer spending are more unpredictable than ever.

Marketers need to make a convincing case to understandably hesitant audiences for sticking with their brand. Their message must reaffirm their brand’s presence, strength and resilience, even in a difficult time. You can help your brand break away from the crowd with unique printed materials that show how you are responding to the crisis and why consumers can continue to trust your brand. 

Here are a few ways to make sure your brand weathers a stormy market.

Show strength amid crisis 

The challenges — and opportunities — in creating brand loyalty become more acute during a time of crisis. Recent research shows the critical role that marketing can play in helping lift spirits and build empathy.

In April, with much of the country at home because of the coronavirus pandemic, about 73% of consumers in a Mitto survey agreed that the increase in messages they received from brands was appropriate. However, that same survey indicates that most people preferred hearing from some brands more than others, and that 41% were already tired of pandemic-related brand messaging.

Times of crisis present a key opportunity for brands to reinforce customer loyalty by sending the right message — one that’s relevant, meaningful and helpful — when it matters most. Let customers know how you’re responding. If you are putting new health and safety protocols in place, changing your hours or implementing contactless methods, it’s important to document this clearly and visibly, through vibrant, branded on-location signage.

Build loyalty by proving your brand is more than a business

This is a time when all of us are called to make adjustments. Consumers want to know what your brand is doing to make a difference.

Of course, building customer loyalty should always be a priority for brands. Over half of consumers will spend more on a brand they’re loyal to, according to research from Accenture. Additionally, a survey from Yotpo suggests that consumers increasingly consider themselves loyal to particular brands.

Brands today must work harder to earn loyalty by being true to their message. Consumers, especially young consumers, respond to brands that share their principles and display a commitment to social responsibility.

Be clear about what measures you are taking to respond to the current climate beyond health and safety policies. Are you giving employees paid leave during closures, supporting first responders or doing something unique to your brand? Share these efforts with your customers through email and direct-mail efforts and let them be a part of something bigger when they buy from your brand. 

Create certainty with consistent, resolute messaging

When there’s market uncertainty, it’s crucial to show strength by being present and tailoring messages to the moment, consumers’ changing concerns and the individual strengths of the brand. 

Give consumers something to be certain about by keeping brand assets consistent across every channel, from the brand’s digital presence to its printed materials. You’ll need to update your marketing materials to reflect your latest messaging. Repetition and consistency make your brand register with consumers, so your core message, adapted for the current moment, needs to be visible on everything from business cards to banners.

As the world shifts, consumers are looking for brands they can trust. To reaffirm a brand’s consistent quality, assets need to be printed correctly and reliably at an unmatched level of high quality. 

FedEx Office’s integrated print and logistics network ensures consistency of color, quality and on-time delivery to help brands deliver a consistent brand experience for their customers. When many consumers aren’t sure what the future holds, let them know they can count on your brand.

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